Quantum theory – endless possibilities

December 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Nowadays quantum theory is the most discussed, controversial and popular field of science. The discoveries of quantum physics are unbelievable – they are so much in conflict with everything we have known so far. We are in the moment of time right now, where all our perception of life can turn upside – down. The discoveries of quantum theory are being widely discussed, but the real question is, how does really the quantum theory change our lives and the perception of life in general?


All the hard substances, liquids, air – everything around us consists of molecules, which consist of atoms, which in their turn consist of electrons and protons. The combination of electrons and protons and further the combination of atoms define the properties of the substance. But if we look in the level of the smallest particles – everything in the material world consists of the same particles – electrons and protons. If the properties of any matter are defined by the arrangement of electrons and protons, isn’t it possible to rearrange these particles and to turn any substance into anything? In the aspect of classic physics it’s not really possible, but quantum physics suggest an endless range of possibilities.


One of the most surprising discoveries is, that electrons (the construction material of all the universe) exist in a state of a wave – in an uncertain position until the moment they become observed. What does it really mean? Doesn’t the world exist, when we don’t watch or otherwise perceive it? Nobody knows the exact answer to this, but quantum physics suggest, that outside our observation reality could exist in another form than we know it – in a form of endlessly spreading and interfering information waves. It’s amazing! It means, that reality as we know it happens only in the moment, when we experience it – outside our perception reality has endless possibilities. There are endless possibilities, what will happen in the next moment, but only our belief in what is possible creates restrictions to it.


Another interesting discovery in the quantum field is the connection of related particles. Two or more related particles can be sent to different parts of the world and still act exactly in the same way no matter how long is the distance between them. Information can travel between them immediately – faster than the velocity of light, which was considered impossible previously. On the other hand – maybe information doesn’t even travel between the particles – maybe those particles are one and the same object, which is situated in different places simultaneously? It’s like a reflection in a mirror, which depicts the original object, all it’s movements and transformations. This assumption leads to an understanding, that different objects can be connected and act as a whole no matter, how far they are situated. The discoveries about connection can play a great role also in human relationships. If you are emotionally connected to somebody, you can affect each other no matter how far away you are from each other. In fact, you are being affected, when somebody thinks about you even if you are alone somewhere far away from all people. This plays a significant role in the relationships of two loving people. If you are connected emotionally to your partner and you will think, that your relationship is doing fine, your partner will possibly get the same feeling. On the other hand, if you will start to hesitate about your feelings, then even if you don’t show it, your partner will probably feel it. It means, that the more you will focus on your relationship problems and on solving them, the more problems you will get. But if you will focus on the best things, that you have together, on joyful moments and positive aspects, your partner will also feel it and your relationship will get better and better.


There are interesting experiments, which display the power of a human thought, it turns out, that it can affect physical objects significantly. Even more, it sounds pretty impossible, but experiments show, that a thought can affect even the past, not only the present. An experiment was performed, where two random signals were recorded on a tape, the tape was copied and the copy was locked in a safe. Then a participant of the experiment was asked to try to affect the contents of the original tape by thought. He held the tape and thought, that there should be more of the first type of signals than the second type.  And it worked again and again! When they listened the tape afterwards, there were actually more signals of the first type. Then the copy of the tape was unlocked from the safe and it had the same record as the original tape. It means, that the participant’s thoughts had actually influenced the recording process in the past! Thoughts are an incredibly strong instrument! The famous research by the Japanese scientist Emoto shows, how different patterns of snowflakes emerge depending on the thoughts, which the researchers have, when treating the water. All these experiments suggest, that our thoughts can actually influence real substances around us – our reality. We just have to know, what reality do we really want for ourselves and we have to wish it really strong – the quantum physics open endless possibilities for all our wishes.


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