Design lamps are not just lamps

February 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Can you imagine, that a whole wall in a room serves as a light source or that a painting can also be a lamp? Nowadays a lamp doesn’t have to be a compact object in the middle of the ceiling anymore. A light object is a part of the interior structure – any surface, which is supposed to stand out in the interior, can serve as a light source. There are several principles for light use in the interior, which can form astonishing effects.


Display of Texture
By placing the light source behind a material with a distinguished texture, it is possible to display the structure of threads in a fabric, folds of any material, ornaments with different light penetrability, glass fusions and other textures. Our lamp „Sand Waves” is made according to this principle – light displays wavy folds of a half transparent fabric. When lighted, the lamp reminds sand waves in the sea. The lamp can be bought in our web store: It is available in different sizes and colors.

Design lamp - "Sand Waves"Lamp “Sand Waves” –


Display of protuberance
Every material in the interior has a specific surface relief. By projecting a light ray parallely to the surface, the protuberances of the material are displayed – the fiber of wood, stone relief, the surface of decorative plastering etc.


Painting as the Light Source
Our lamp „Network” consists of a frame with a linen cover, which serves as the base for a painting. The painting is painted with oil-paint by our artist. When the lamp is lighted, the lines of the painting are displayed by the light from behind. The lamp can have several predesigned images or any random image, chosen by a client.

Design lamp "Network"Lamp “Network” –


Shadow Projection
By directing a light ray towards an object with a distinguished silhouette, it is possible to get a contrasting shadow of this object on the opposite surface. If different objects of the interior are shadowed this way from different angles, an interplay of shadows is produced, where shadows overlap with each other, forming lighter and darker silhouettes.


Tinted light
Tinted light is produced by letting it through a tinted material. Our lamp „Oranges & Peaches” is available from orange and yellow organic glass.

Design lamp "Oranges & Peaches"Lamp “Oranges & Peaches” –


Reflections can be gained from all reflective materiāls: mirror, glass, water etc. A classic example of the reflection principle is the famous mirror ball, widely used in night clubs. The ball creates reflections, scattered across the ceiling and walls. When a water surface is lighted, it creates moving light reflections on the ceiling.


Light projection
For projection effect a light projector is used, which projects still or moving images on a plain material, situated opposite the projector.


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